The answer to achieving more fulfilment and significant roles is about doing LESS, it’s about tuning back into you and reclaiming your natural instinct.

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I’ve been working for 30 years and have never come across anything remotely like your process. Everything I’ve read, studied, and practiced only ever made me feel more confused, lacking in talent and more trapped in the intellectual - plus I never got any results. This approach makes so much sense. It is just so beautifully simple, and has phenomenal efficacy. It has transformed my work and the results I’ve achieved because of it.


I'm Jo Kelly, an artist, director, acting coach & founder of To Be or Not to Act.

For more than 20 years, I have guided VIP actors to undo all social and emotional conditioning so that they can be reminded how to BE (and not act) in full authenticity and freedom, in order to deliver incredibly alive, raw, and truthful performances. Let's explore how we can work together, so you can experience the same.