• Be more free + instinctive when you act.
  • Stop feeling stuck.
  • Become undeniable.
  • Get in the zone consistently, even in stressful audition rooms and on set.
  • Rise to the next level in your career.

The Reset Journey From Resistance to Freedom includes an online course designed to radically awaken your instrument in just 33 days, live coaching with Jo and a private community of like-minded actors.  

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Thank you, Jo, for an incredible journey. When I signed up I had no idea what I was walking into...and I’m so glad that was the case. Going through this program woke up parts of me that I didn't even know were dormant and at the end of the journey I’m definitely feeling more alive and purposeful as an actor and human being. To top things off, I booked a couple of projects during the 33 days and had a welcome internal health shift happen. I'm so grateful for your guidance and the supportive, creative environment you fostered. It was well worth it! (Debbie Fan - The Shield, The Crow: Salvation and The Young and the Restless)

Jo Kelly's Reset Journey is pragmatic and terribly effective. The tools it offers allow us to connect to our instinctive sensations, emotions and truth. By gradually melting our resistance, Jo Kelly, encourages us to expand, to regain our freedom, and thus opens up the incredible field of possibilities. It is an uncompromising journey of authenticity, humility and commitment. The reset is profound and eminently HUMAN. (Valery Schatz - Actor, Producer, Director, Paris)